Let’s Drink! 

There are no limits – free flowing wine
Nothing restricted –lost sense of time
One endless party – we think it’s fine
It’s a feast – where everybody drinks
Say cheers!

We can’t account for what we might say
out of control in Shushan today
truly irresponsible in every way
at the feast where everybody drinks
to your health!

Here everybody’s guzzling without end
One more drink your enemy’s your friend
With other nations the Jews try to blend
At the feast where everybody drinks

No obligations nothing to do
Drink till we’re bursting -    drink till we’re blue
Only drink wine that’s older than you
At the feast – where everybody drinks

It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood
Drink more wine and eat more food
Soon you’ll be happy and boisterous and rude
At the feast where everybody drinks.

All the world over we’ll drink and we’ll fress
making noise and making a mess
not much here that would ever impress
at the feast where everybody drinks

At the feast where everybody drinks
Bottoms up!
At the feast
Where everybody drinks!




Did I really mess up the Megilla?

Think I may be in over my head

How is Esther gonna save the Jews if she’s not there?

Cuz I made sure that Vashti isn’t dead.


Oh it’s upside down

It’s all my fault- their fate rests on my shoulders

All gone wrong, it’s up to me

Pressure’s on, maybe tomorrow I can turn it over

Don’t know how or what will be

What will tomorrow bring?

Let’s wait and see...





O guys like us we can’t afford

To ever look suspicious

We’re subtle and we blend right in

We never seem malicious 


Soon the king we will assassinate

Then the whole world will appreciate

(BIGSAN): We’ll be famous-

(SERESH):  We will be so great!

(Both): And we don’t take no garbage!



Now Vashti, she’s an evil queen


But we don’t need to hurt her


It’s him we’re after - when we’re through


We’ll get away with murder!



Soon the king we will assassinate

BIGSAN: All of Shushan will congratulate

(Seresh): US!

BIGSAN: We’ll be heroes-

SERESH: all throughout the state!


What don’t we take?


No garbage!




What’s that? Don’t take no___?


(scrambling) Garbage


Can’t hear you – take no___?







All my friends hate me

That’s what I love

Cuz im evil

How dare they negate me?

They think they’re above

My evil

I gave my last haircut (snip it)

Long long ago

When that signet ring is mine (the king’s?)

Then the whole world will know (wow!)

Evil is my game, so

HaRasha is my name

I’m Evil

Yes I am evil


Don’t I look scary? (yikes!)

Cruel and Unkind?

I am evil (yes he’s evil)

In the dictionary (websters)

Evil’s defined

As Meeeee! (yes that’s him)

In the heat of the battle

Long long ago (so long)

This Jew saved my life

Now his hold will not let go (no!)

Can’t let this stand

Cuz I am evil



History repeating

Like Agag spared by Shaul (who?)

My amalek blood is boiling

I’m enslaved to this old fool (so true)

 Can’t they see I’m mean and nasty

Terrifying and all that

I’m a bad-guy from my toes

Up to the three points of my hat

It’s who I am

I am evil


I’m the flip side of hero

A Villainous lad

I am evil

They should all quake in fear-oh

I’m a scoundrel so bad

That’s meee

They are spread and divided

(the Jews)


Their baishamikdash still destroyed

Been forsaken by their G-d

Time for a plaaaaan (try some lots!)

That is evil




Lester:     Can’t believe how messed up this has gotten

                Seems to just get worse the more I try

                Vashti’s alive, Ester’s not queen it’s all cuz of me

                Achashveriosh never even heard of Mordechai


Haman:   Can’t believe how incorrect its gotten

                Topsy-Turvy nothing’s going right

                Now some kid takes all my glory how can this be?

                I’m just the party planner for tonight!


Lester      Oh it’s upside down and I don’t know just how I’m gonna fix it

                Upside down - I’m full of doubt

                The queen’s alive, we won’t survive

                Once Haman casts his ticket

                Upside down and inside out


                I mean it just doesn’t make any sense, without

                Esther, what would we even call this story?

                ‘Megillas Vashti’? ‘Megillas Charvona’??!...


Achashverosh: How could hangover have been for-e-saken?

                How do I go on without him near?

                Now at least I’ve got a party thanks to that kid

                Tonight it’s just you and me my scepter dear


Haman:   This is upside down I’m not a barber, I’m a super villain

Lester:     Upside down and getting worse

Zeresh:    Upside down I’d like to turn a pail of garbage on him

Achashverosh: Upside down like my dead horse


Seresh:    Bigsan’s sad our schemes till now were thwarted

Bigsan:    Seresh better not mess up this time

Vashti:    Can’t clear my complexion up in time for tonight

Charvona: Nobody seems to like ideas of mine!


Lester:     Cuz its upside down and I don’t know just how I’m            gonna fix it

Haman:   Upside down - I should be feared!

Achashverosh: Upside down, I hope to drown my grief with             lots of liquid

Lester:     Upside down it’s all unclear…


ALL:        Cuz now its UPSIDE DOWN where should we turn

                now? Who’s the one to go to?

                UPSIDE DOWN must make it right

                UPSIDE DOWN and what we need is some

                VINAHAFOCH to RIGHT SIDE UP This tale tonight

                UPSIDE DOWN we can’t control events

                that made this happen

                Upside down…


LESTER:  Must make it right

                Upside down- I’m calling out for di-vine intervention


All:          RIGHT SIDE UP this tale tonight

Lester:     (looking heavenward) Please, right side up

                this tale tonight….



upside down reprise

UPSIDE DOWN is how it was,

but it was sposta happen

UPSIDE DOWN but it’s all right

UPSIDE DOWN we’ve turned our frowns

thanks to HaShem’s protection

RIGHT SIDE UP  - we see the light

RIGHT SIDE UP – our future’s bright

RIGHT SIDE UP - wow, what a night!



Megillas Lester