Megillas Lester is a full-length animated feature film depicting the fictional story of Doniel Lesterovitch (Lester); a boy whose imagination turns the Purim story upside down. Suddenly finding himself at the feast of King Achashverosh, Lester is ordered to summon queen Vashti to the party…and he inadvertently convinces her to go! With Vashti alive and well, Esther never needs to come to the palace - and that leaves nobody to save the Jews from evil Haman!  Follow Lester’s thrilling adventure as he tries to set his version of the Purim story back on track...

Produced by Kolrom Animation Studios.
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Reviews of Megillas Lester:

"My kids loved it so much, they watched it 10 TIMES in 72 hours that we had it!! Today my 6 yr old daughter is is home with a cold, and said " I wish I could watch it again, I will NEVER EVER get bored of it!" Please keep it up and make more!"

"I bought the movie today and my husband and I and kids ages 16, 15, 8 and 3 loved it. We looved the humor and the dialogue and the songs are so catchy. Thank u for doing this. We hope to see many sequels. I love zeresh calling haman manny and i love hangover. Kudos to you guys!"

"Remarkable piece of artistry. Riveting dialogue and fantastic musical numbers. 2 Facebook thumbs up! My kids can listen to upside down hundreds of times in a row..."

"I really enjoyed the movie. Funny, sincere,Jewish values, sensitivity and attention to Chazal. great songs. I plan on showing this to my classes. Upside down and the other songs were really something special."

"Dear Rabbi Kramer, As a discerning Yiddishe mother concerned about the Hashkofa of Videos for the Frum home I wanted to let you and all involved know how truly thrilled and impressed our whole family is after watching Megillas Lester ! Thank you for producing a quality show where Chinuch, Halacha and Hashkafa were meticulously adhered to without any compromise ! Megillas Lester met my checklist : no violence - check ! No scary stuff - check ! No depicting Biblical holy faces - check! Jewish tunes - check! The message of Emuna and Hashgocha Protis clearly brought out ! And most of all Funny, Funny, Funny ! We appreciate the great effort that went into such a phenomenal production and wish you continued Hatzlocha Rabbo ! A Freilichen Purim to all!"

"We were so happily surprised when we watched this video! The humor is really a riot -- the adults kept laughing out loud. Lots of plays on words and visual puns on the Megilla.

The story is NOT the straight Purim story, but it is in excellent taste and respectful of the real Megillas Esther, making it fun and suitable entertainment for every Jewish home. Plus, there's a meaningful takeaway message there about balancing effort and trust: that everyone has a purpose in life, has to do their best, and trust in God's goodness.

Catchy tunes, great dialogue and laugh-out loud humor make this a winner that will go into yearly re-runs at our house! This was a great find!"

Megillas Lester